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Blunt Brunch Spotlight: Meet Marvina Thomas,

Blunt Brunch Spotlight: Meet Marvina Thomas, CEO, and founder of 420 Skincare & Founder of Start Living Inc Recovery Homes.

Marvina Thomas, a compassionate caregiver, entrepreneur, mother and healthcare expert, began her canna-business journey after learning to make soap. She blended CBD oil with specially sourced Egyptian ingredients known for preserving beauty. With the success of her healing CBD-infused line of soaps, lotions, bath bombs, bath salts, hand sanitizer and body butter, Thomas created 420 Medibles, generously sized THC cookies, brownies, crispy treats and bars, as another way to help others heal in more natural ways.

As an entrepreneur and former registered nurse, helping people comes naturally to Thomas. She gives back to the community through Trinity Care Services and her 501(c)3 nonprofit Start Living Behavioral Health, a recovery home for men and women who need transitional housing to fight opioid and/or alcohol addiction. Fifty percent of the profits from 420 Skin Care and 420 Medibles benefit Start Living with services and resources to reintroduce patients to clean living.

Thomas’ mission to educate people on the benefits of medical cannabis and transition away from opioids has been one of her greatest joys and a key to her success.

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