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Blunt Brunch Chicago on April 6th, 2022 was a success!

We reserved the rooftop at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago, with beautiful decor and scenery, we built out a curated menu with delicious delicacies and refreshing drinks, and invited the top women executives in the industry to join us for a private Blunt Brunch sit-down event with a afternoon Blunt Brunch social networking component.

The beginning of the event kicked off with our Blunt Brunch sit-down event with 50 women executives in the industry. Our honorary guests join us for a brunch, networking and blunt conversations. After the brunch, we transitioned into our social event, where we had over 200+ women join us for a social networking event, bringing women executives and women from all stages in business together to build new relationships, friendships and more.

Meet our Partners

We hope to see you at Blunt Brunch Chicago 2022!

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