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Blunt Brunch

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real talk. real connections. real business.


Attention all women executives and business leaders!

The Blunt Brunch event series is calling your name. Join us as we come together to support, learn, and empower one another.

Our events are designed to foster collaboration and community among women in the business world. We believe in the Law of Abundance, which means there is more than enough business to go around. Why compete when we can work together to achieve our goals?

At Blunt Brunch, we create a positive, authentic, and empowering atmosphere where women of all ages and stages of life can connect with each other. Our mission is to provide a platform where women executives and business leaders can gather to exchange ideas, network, and find support.

So if you're looking to expand your network, learn from other successful women, and make meaningful connections, then Blunt Brunch is the perfect event series for you. Join us and discover the power of collaboration in the world of business.


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Blunt Brunch events provide an intimate setting that blends B2B and B2C components, catering specifically to women in business. Our upcoming schedule for 2023 includes our national Las Vegas event, Meet & Greets, our monthly socials and our Blunt Conversations live. 

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